not much left to do now

So the consignment of computers, laptops and my personal belongings (eek) is now at Heathrow airport with the freight company ready to be shipped out. Madly enough, it will take a very similar route to me as it goes first to Schiphol in Amsterdam, then on to Kilimanjaro with KLM. I on the other hand have my bike booked on the flight with me to Frankfurt and onwards to Kili and hope to be re-united with all my belongings and beloved computers once i get there. 4 days till Amsterdam, a little under a month before i arrive in Africa. So much has been organised, and now so little remains to do.

Now, i just need to ensure i can fit everything i need into my hand luggage and get moving…..oh and pack my bike into the box!!


About graigchq

IT professional come travelling hobo.... i'm of to the new world to find out who i am, and leave all that i hate behind, including my negativity!!
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One Response to not much left to do now

  1. John says:

    Like your blog. Looks like you’ve lived a whole life already. And it looks like you’re getting what you intended from the experience. You’ve done more in 4 weeks than I did in 8 months! Well done.

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